Saturday, June 27, 2009

Night Barbers Podcast and my Commercial

My good friends at The Night Barbers promoted me on their latest podcast. The host, Tommy, and I have worked for years freelancing in video production and events.

Here is a clip of the commercial:

You should check out their podcast at:
The Night Barbers -


Here is what they are all about:
"In a world overcome with stupidity, emerges 5 Jersey boys committed to finding humor in “Strange but True” stories from around the globe. Night Barbers take a comical perspective on the how and why people do such amazingly dumb things. Verbal assaults target not only the dim-witted stars of the headlines, but are often re-directed at the Night Barbers cast themselves. All political correctness is tossed aside. Everyone is fair game. In simple terms, the show is funny, so shut your mouth and open your mind."

The podcasts are really funny, but not for everyone. If you are easily offended, please do not listen!


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