Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding Guest Book from the Engagement Session

At Jen's and my wedding we had a wonderful time with a room full of friends and family. We had the typical wedding guest book out and had everyone signed it. There were twenty or so pages with very tightly spaced lines. There wasn't much room for people to be very verbose. There was just enough space to sign your name. And since people wanted to stay in the lines and make it look uniform, everyone signed right after the person in front of them. There are about sixteen pages that are blank and not too many personal messages. It has sat in storage from almost the day we brought it back home.

I have found a product that is a great way to remember your wedding guests and also have awesome pictures of yourself from the time that you got married. It is a bound, flush mount, wedding guest book with images from your engagement session. There is a blank page with no restrictive lines on the left for your guests to sign their name and/or write a personal note. Then on the right is a great image from the engagement session that we had together. It is something that you can keep out in your living room forever to look at some pretty pictures of yourself and read through the comments to remember your special day.

Check out a guest book from a recent wedding:


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